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Frederick Russell to serve Allegheny West Conference

Posted by Timothy D. Lee on 13 August 2008 (Wednesday)

The Columbia Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is reporting that Fredrick Russell, currently the pastor of the Miracle Temple church in Baltimore, Maryland, has been elected as the next president of the the Allegheny West Conference.

Dr. Russell has written in the Adventist Review that it is time for the Seventh-day Adventist Church to begin looking for ways to abolish the separate “white” and “black” conference structure that is in effect in most of North America. I shared some thoughts on his article, and he was gracious enough to comment.

I pray for him as he transitions from serving at Miracle Temple to serving the Allegheny West Conference.

The Allegheny West Conference serves the “regional” Seventh-day Adventist work in Ohio, West Virginia, and parts of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.


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One Response to “Frederick Russell to serve Allegheny West Conference”

  1. joeland7 said

    Praise the Lord for Pastor Russell

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